We invite you to register for an advising appointment on our website that includes: a form about your experience with French, an online placement test, an appointment in our school and an evaluation certificate with your level and the recommended tuition program.
The Alliance Française will not help you find a family. Nevertheless, some families advertise their offers on our bulletin boards located in the school's staircases.
Yes, you can request a certificate of attendance at our registration office. You will also take an assessment at the end of each CEFR level (A1N2, A2N2, B1N3, B2N3, C1NS). If you pass it, your teacher will give you a certificate with your results (pass mark: 50% or 70% depending on the level).
In the morning/afternoon courses, the classes are intensive, it takes one month to complete one level. (example: A1N1 = 60h = 1 month) In the evening courses, the classes are extensive, it takes three months to complete one level. (example A1N1 = 16h x 3 months = January, February, March or April, May, June or October, November, December)
At the A2/B1 level, the course will strengthen your skills in written French. It aims to develop specific know-how (writing personal letters, stories ...) At level B2/C1, the course allows you to express yourself in a detailed and clear manner on broader topics. To find out more, please check the details here.
The course allows the study of verbal forms corresponding to level A2 / B1 or B2 / C1 of the CEFR, in written French. To find out more, please check the details here.
You will practise 5 skills: reading, writting, listening, speaking and interacting. The classes are conducted in French only.
Yes, we offer 17 different levels of courses from A1 to C2.
For levels A1, A2, B1, B2, you will use the manual Défi. For levels C1 and C2, you will use teaching materials which have been created by our team of teachers. You will also need a notebook and a pen.

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