We invite you to register for an advising appointment on our website that includes: a form about your experience with French, an online placement test, an appointment in our school and an evaluation certificate with your level and the recommended tuition program.
In the morning/afternoon courses, the classes are intensive, it takes one month to complete one level. (example: A1N1 = 60h = 1 month) In the evening courses, the classes are extensive, it takes three months to complete one level. (example A1N1 = 16h x 3 months = January, February, March or April, May, June or October, November, December)
The Alliance Française will not help you find a family. Nevertheless, some families advertise their offers on our bulletin boards located in the school's staircases.
Yes, you can request a certificate of attendance at our registration office. You will also take an assessment at the end of each CEFR level (A1N2 / A2N3 / B1N3 / B2N4 / C1N4). If you pass it, your teacher will give you a certificate with your results (pass mark: 50% or 70% depending on the level).

This course aimed at enhancing your oral comprehension given your level and your own difficulties. For more info, please click here.

At the A2/B1 level, the course will strengthen your skills in written French. It aims to develop specific know-how (writing personal letters, stories ...) At level B2/C1, the course allows you to express yourself in a detailed and clear manner on broader topics. To find out more, please check the details here.
The course allows the study of verbal forms corresponding to level A2 / B1 or B2 / C1 of the CEFR, in written French. To find out more, please check the details here.
You will practise 5 skills: reading, writting, listening, speaking and interacting. The classes are conducted in French only.
Yes, we offer 17 different levels of courses from A1 to C2.

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