People with disabilities

Welcome to the Alliance Française de Lyon !

The building, educational and administrative services as well as the classrooms are accessible to all.
AF Lyon staffs are aware of how to welcome people with disabilities.


Access to the building is possible for people with physical disabilities through the entrance to Bahadourian Square.
The entrance has a standard intercom and an access platform on the ground floor.
An elevator leads to every floor of the building.
The equipment is maintained and repaired very regularly.

Examinations / Courses

The future student or candidate must report any physical, motor or sensory disability when registering by providing an official document in French from a medical authority, an authority which will specify the recommended accommodations for a foreign language exam.

In the most frequent cases, we offer the following solutions:

▪ Motor disability making manual writing impossible
For the exams, the candidate may be assisted by a person designated by the head of the center who will write at their dictation. He will have to compose in a separate room, one candidate per room.

▪ Visual impairment
For visually impaired candidates, the examination center will provide enlarged copies of the tests (in A3 format) and will increase the time allowed by 1/3. For blind candidates, we can provide an exam version of the DELF all public, DALF and DELF junior in braille. For lessons, you should specify your needs by contacting us.

▪ Hearing disability
For both courses and exams, instructions given aloud will be given in writing. For the exams, the hearing-impaired candidate will be placed as close as possible to the speakers for the oral comprehension test. The questions asked during the oral interview will be given in writing. The composition time will be increased by 1/3. Candidates who are profoundly deaf may be exempted from the oral comprehension and oral production and interaction test, it will be necessary to contact the disability advisor upstream to find out the specific procedures related to these registrations.

▪ Other disabilities: 
In cases of severe dyslexia, both candidate and learner may have, according to the recommendations of the accredited medical authority, a composition time increased by 1/3.


Do not hesitate to contact the disability advisers using the contact form (courses or exams section) so that we can organize your welcome in the best possible conditions:

General referent:
David Berthelot, director.

Course and exam support & adaptation referent:
Emmanuelle Lehembre, responsable pédagogique.