Closing days

The Alliance Française de Lyon will be closed from December 21st, 2019 to January 2nd, 2020 (incl.). You can register on our website even if the school is closed . If it is your 1st registration for a course, you need to take your placement test as soon as possible. When the school will reopen on Jan 3rd, we will send your registration certificate within a few days. If you took the placement test, we will also send your invitation letter (with level, time and day of class). Thank you for your patience and Merry Christmas!

The Alliance Française de Lyon is closed on public holidays. There is no discount on courses when the school is closed because of public holidays.

Day courses

A session includes 4 weeks of day courses. If you register for 2 weeks, you will be enrolled in half of a session. Complete beginners must start at the beginning of a session.

2019 Start dates End dates 2019
Start dates End dates
November 25th December 20th
December 25th December 6th
December 9th December 20th
2020 Start dates End dates   2020  Start dates End dates
January 6th January 31st Session
July 6th July 31st
January 6th January 17th July 6th July 17th
January 20th January 31st July 20th July 31st
February 3rd February 28th Session
August 3rd August 28th
February 3rd February 14th August 3rd August 14th
February 17th February 28th August 17th August 28th
March 2nd March 27th Session
August 31st Septembre 25th
March 2nd March 13th August 31st Septembre 11th
March 16th March 27th Septembre 14th Septembre 25th
March 30th April 24th Session
Septembre 28th October 23rd
March 30th April 10th Septembre 28th October 9th
April 14th April 24th October 12th October 23rd
May 4th May 29th Session
October 26th Novembre 20th
May 4th May 15th October 26th Novembre 6th
May 18th May 29th Novembre 9th Novembre 20th
June 2nd June 26th   Session
Novembre 23rd December 18th
June 2nd June 12th   Novembre 23rd December 4th
June 15th June 26th   December 7th December 18th

Evening courses

The duration of the courses is 1 month minimum. There are no evening courses in July, August and September.

2019 sessions  Start dates  End dates
December November 26th December 19th
2020 sessions Start dates  End dates
1 January, 7th January, 30th
2 February, 4th Febraury, 27th
3 March, 3rd March, 26th
4 March, 31st April, 23rd
5 May, 5th May, 28th
6 June, 3rd June, 25th
7 / 8 /9 summer break for evening courses 
10 29 septembre 22 octobre
11 27 octobre 19 novembre
12 24 novembre 17 décembre

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