With the student status, students benefit from health insurance, university residences and reduced rates (especially in public transport and some cinemas).

The student visa is an authorization to enter the French territory as part of a study project.

Yes of course. However, the prefecture will ask for a transcript of marks (please ask it to the school's Teaching Department) and a certificate of attendance (please ask it to the school's Registration Office).

Tuition fees will be refunded upon presentation of your visa refusal, but we will deduct a fixed rate of 30 euros. Please note that registration fees (valid for 12 months) and fees for accommodation search will not be reimbursed.

If you are not from the EU, please check if you need a visa on the website France-Visas.

Once Alliance Française has received the payment of your order, we will issue your pre-registration or registration certificate required for your visa application.

We offer different activities every month such as cinema club, games, outings, excursions... For more info, please check our news and facebook page.  
Lyon has an international airport, two railway stations and several bus stations.

If you have studied at another Alliance Française over the last 12 months, you can enjoy a 12% discount off our collective courses. Please write us using the contact form (select "Discount request") and attach your registration proof. We will give you a discount code to use for your online registration.

You will have to register directly to the Alliance Française concerned.
Alliances Françaises are independant legal entities, each school has its own pricing policy.

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