Pack 4 - Course + Hotel Residence Standard


If you are an absolute beginner, choose the session of 1st July 2024.


>> French as a General Language course

Monday to Friday: 9am – 1pm

All our courses are aligned with the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in order to guarantee a constant progression. The aim of the courses is to acquire the skills described by the CEFR and to prepare you for official certifications.


This course will enable you to work on the 5 skills: listening, speaking, reading, writing and oral interaction. The course is taught by two teachers.


>> Accommodation in a hotel residence (Standard)!

This package includes 1 studio in a hotel residence for 1 person (equipped kitchen, bathroom, toilet, desk, bed) for the duration of your course.

(1 day before the course starts and the next day after the course ends)

👉 More about the studio in apartment hotel 

Course materials

  • Use of the teaching manual: Défi
  • Thematic files in C1 & C2 designed by our teaching team.

Number of students per class

Minimum: 8 students
Maximum: 18 students


  • An initial placement test
  • The learning material needed for your course is included in the price.
  • Registration fee
  • Accommodation assistance fee
  • 13 nights in total


Please note: no postponements or cancellations are possible with this course + accommodation package.

For these 2 weeks, you will be part of the French as a Foreign Language group course – 1 month.

In order to succeed in your course, attendance and personal work are essential and compulsory.

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