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“I decided to move to France to learn French faster “

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Marcelo took French lessons to enroll in a Master degree in France

After graduating in Industrial Engineering and studying French at Alliance Française of Sucre and Santa Cruz (Bolivia), Marcelo decided to move to France and register for General French + Grammar (4 months). Aside from his French lessons at AFLyon, he spent time practicing drums (his favorite instrument) in a nearby drum school and discovered a city with an unmatched cultural offer: “Coming to France has been a huge life change for me : I love Lyon’s atmosphere and the musical scene is amazing!”.

His 4-month experience in Lyon has been effective as Marcelo is now about to return home with a C1 level in French. He plans to come back next year for a Master’s Degree in Renewable Energy and explains: “During my stay in Lyon, I have been able to travel throughout Europe. Lyon is a very nice city, one of the best cities I have ever visited. I would always choose Lyon!”.

Marcelo tells us about his favorite French word in our Cinema & Video Workshop!

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