Lyon Festival of Lights

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Do not miss the most important event of Lyon: Lyon Festival of Lights from 6th to December 9th!
Thursday, 5th and sunday, 8th : 7pm-11pm (less crowded days), Friday, 6th and saturday 7th : 8pm – midnight.

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A bit of history:

First of all, Lyon Festival of Lights is a religious celebration. It is the celebration of the Immaculate Conception also called Illuminations or even Virgin Mary celebration. In 1989, with the city of Lyon’s initiative, it becomes a popular and artistic event that exposes famous sites in Lyon with light games, video achievments, visual and hearing sensations.

This year, the city spreads 65 installations with lights, lasers, performing arts, video mapping and more, in 35 areas all over the Presqu’Île, Lyon Old Town, Terreaux Square and Parc de la Tête d’Or area.

fdl 2019 festival of lights lyon 2019 city of lights

♥️ 5 AFLyon favourites !
  1. Prairie éphémère, Christophe Martine et François Fouilhé, Place Bellecour, Lyon 2
    Take a walk on a levitating nature, under giant herbs, with fishes flying 40 meters above you !
  2. Genesis, Theoriz Studio, Cathédrale de Saint Jean, Lyon 5
    Lights and sounds installation on the creation of humanity and evolution throughout the ages, big inventions and digital era.
  3. Daydreams, Flshka design, Gare Saint Paul, Lyon 5
    Daydreams aesthetic is very much linked to the surrealistic universes of Magritte, Dali or Lewis Carroll. Stroll into an astonishing trip  !
  4. Une toute petite histoire de Lumière, Spectaculaires, les allumeurs d’image, Place des Terreaux, Lyon 1
    A big show is to begin on place Terraux, and, suddenly, motors cease to gring. A poetic journey off-the-grid, as a tribute to the technicians behind the scenes. But, could we survive without electricity ?
  5. Les cueilleurs de Nuages, CozTen, colline de fourvière, Lyon 5
    Combining lights, projection, mapping and a sound creation from Enzo Izzi, the hill will be transformed to a inmensal sky as a source of dream and life

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ask the recipe of hot wine “vin chaud” (it can change from a stall to another) 😉

Do as a Lyonnais would !

This year, December,8th is also the last day of festival of lights (a sunday). You will be able to appreciate the famous lumignons in a less crowded environment. But not only : an installation will unveil only this particular night, evocating the original tradition that of December 8th !

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