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Would you like to learn French? You are right because

1. It is the 2nd most learned language in the world, and contrary to common belief, it is not a difficult language to learn. French is rich in nuances and it requires thoroughness, but one can very quickly communicate after a few lessons. French is also appreciated because it is sweet, melodious and romantic.

2. It is a language spoken worldwide: Today, 274 million people speak French on the 5 continents and, according to the forecast of the International Organization of La Francophonie, there will be 700 million French speakers in 2050.

3. It is the 3rd business language in the world after English and Chinese. Considering that the francophone economic area represents 6.5% of the world’s population and 8.4% of the world’s GDP (2014), speaking French is therefore a real professional asset.

4. It is the language of culture, love and spirit. If you speak French, then you speak the language of Victor Hugo, Aimé Césaire, Charles Aznavour or even Stromae.

5. It opens the door to French universities. Speaking French allows you to continue your studies in French reputable universities and schools of business and engineering, ranked among the best higher education institutions in Europe and in the world.

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