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5 winter cheese recipes

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During winter, the AFLyon gives you tasty advices to keep you warm and enjoy cheese.
Discover the 5 most famous cheezy recipes!

recettes, fromage, hiver, raclette, fondue, tartiflette

1. The raclette
The most classical winter cheese meal with raclette cheese, potatoes, cold meats and gherkins. You can also add, if you want to, some vegetables such as mushrooms or broccolis. It’s a very easy, fun and friendly meal to prepare. But be careful, you’d better learn all the codes ☺

2. The fondue
What will be a winter season without a fondue?! Well known as a ski resorts’ tradition, the fondue is a mix of various melted cheeses (Abondance, Beaufort, Comté). Invigorating and fun, you can play while eating : the one who gets the piece of bread lost into the cheese gets a forfeit. Just watch this

3. The tartiflette
Queen of all the Mountain meals, the tartiflette will stick you to your chair after diner. Don’t mind the heavy smell of reblochon, it tastes just so good! If you want to eat as a local, you can try a different recipe using crozets (typical Savoie pastas): the croziflette.

recettes, fromage, hiver, raclette, fondue, tartiflette

4. Cheese soufflé
For cuisine lovers, the cheese soufflé is a sophisticated and delicated meal. Easy to cook, you will turn into a Michelin-starred chef!

5. The roast camembert
International French cheese star, you can also eat camembert in a cooked way. Taste it, it is so delicious! With honey or cherry jamthe roast camembert is perfect for a friendly apertif and is very easy to cook.

Important, we advise you to open your windows after cooking…

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