General French + speaking skills + Host family half board - 2 weeks


If you are a complete beginner, please start at the beginning of the session. You must have successfully completed a level to advance to the next level (example: A2 = A1 completed).


General French

Monday to Friday 9am -12pm or 2.15pm-5.15pm

All our courses are in line with the CEFR, Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, with the aim of offering an effective learning progress. The course helps you acquire the skills described by the CEFR and will get you ready for official certifications. It helps you develop and improve 5 general language skills: listening, reading, writing, speaking and oral interaction. 2 teachers rotate within the week.

For these 2 weeks, you will join a class of General French 1 month.

+ Speaking skills (until Dcember 2019)

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 12:30pm- 1:45pm

This course aims to develop your speaking skills by practicing everyday situations and learning to express emotions and feelings. The course is taught by a different teacher every day.

+ Host family – half board

This package includes accommodation in a host family for 1 person during your courses. Breakfast and dinner are included.

  • Arrival date : the day before your course start date
  • Departure date : the day following your course end date

Course materials

  • Textbooks Alter Ego+ 1, 2, 3, 4 up to level B2 (it is possible to buy them at the registration office )
  • Subject-based materials especially designed by our teaching team for levels C1 and C2.

Number of students per class

Minimum: 8 students
Maximum: 18 students


  • Initial placement test
  • Textbooks and/or materials necessary for this course


  • It is not possible to postpone or cancel your stay with this package.
  • For General French, class schedule (morning or afternoon) depends on your level as well as class availability.
  • From January 2020the  Speaking Skills course will not exist anymore. It will be included in the General French course scheduled 9am-12.30pm or 2pm-5.30pm. The General French course will be 35 hours over 2 weeks. Read + about courses in 2020
  • To ensure a fast and smooth learning progress, attendance as well as extra study outside class are required.

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