DALF C1 exam - Eligible to the CPF


The exam tests your autonomy in the use of the language. You must be able to communicate with the fluency and spontaneity of a highly competent French speaker. You must have a wide range of vocabulary and be able to choose appropriate expressions to support your comments. You produce a clear, well-constructed, fluent speech that demonstrates the controlled use of grammar structures.This exam is composed of:

  • A group test (4h) including listening (40 min), reading (50 min) and writing papers – synthesis and well-reasoned essay (2h30).
  • An individual test: you will have 1h to prepare an oral presentation (from written materials) and you will then present and debate the subject with your examiners (30 min).

Each paper scores 25 points of a total of 100 points. To pass the exam, you must get 50/100 or 50%. The minimum mark required per test is 5/25.If you pass the exam, you will get a diploma valid for life.

Please make sure you provided us with your permanent address while registering, as we will send your diploma approximately 4-5 weeks after the test date to this same address.

Calendar of registrations and sessions

Registration deadline Group test Individual test
August 19 th Friday october 8th from october 4 to october 22 2021
September 30th Friday november 18 th from november 15 to november 30 2021
Décember 2th Friday january 21th from january 17 to january 31 2022
December 30th Friday february 18th from february 14 to february 28 2022
February 3th Friday march 25th from march 14 to march 31 2022

Registration formalities

Register by the website :

To validate your registration, you must upload the following documents through your online account in “My official documents”:

  • identity card or passport (with photo),
  • if you have already taken DELF or DALF exam: DELF /DALF registration certificate, transcript of marks or copy of diploma including your candidate number.

Invitation to the exam: up to 1 week before the exam, you will receive your invitation by email.


  • Registration fees are not refundable.
  • Your diploma will be sent approximately 4-5 months after the exam date (a certificate will be issued pending the receipt of the diploma) at the postal address provided during the registration. 

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