Tuesday is Ciné-Club 📽️ at the AFLyon!

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Screening on 20 June 2023

Meet in the lobby at 2pm

Screening hosted by Morgane

Film : Comment c’est loin
Directed by: Orelsan & Christophe Offenstein
Genre: Comedy

Level: from A2

This month the Ciné club 📽️ offers you :


After a decade of non-productivity, Orel and Gringe, in their thirties, are struggling to write their first rap album. Their lyrics, full of tasteless jokes and complicated references, evoke their daily lives in a medium-sized provincial town. The problem: they can’t finish a song. After a hectic session with their producers, they’re up against the wall: they have 24 hours to come up with a song worthy of the name. Their old demons – fear of failure, procrastination, intrusive buddies, relationship problems, etc. – get in the way.


Discover the trailer 👇