The ciné-club rendez-vous 📽️ at AFLyon!

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Screening on Wednesday 26, July 2023

Meet in the lobby at 2pm

Screening hosted by Valentin

Film : L’auberge espagnole
Directed by: Cédric Klapisch
Genres: Dramatic comedy & Romance

Level: from A2

This month the Ciné club 📽️ offers you :


Xavier, a young man of twenty-five, moves to Barcelona to complete his studies in economics and learn Spanish. He needs to learn Spanish in order to take up a position at the Ministry of Finance, which a friend of his father’s has promised him. But to do so, he has to leave his girlfriend Martine, with whom he has been living for four years.
In Spain, Xavier looks for accommodation and finally finds an apartment in the center of Barcelona, which he plans to share with seven other people. Each of his co-tenants is from a different country.

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