The ciné-club rendez-vous at AFLyon!

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Screening on Tuesday, February 20th 2024

Meet in room 42 at 2pm

Screening hosted by Noémie

Film : Mon inconnue
Directed by : Hugo Gélin
Genres : Comédie romantique

This month the Ciné club 📽️ offers you :


As a high-school student, Raphaël fell in love with Olivia at first sight, and they married. Thanks to the success of Raphaël’s novels, they moved into a sumptuous apartment. But Olivia, who has a quiet career as a pianist, isn’t living the life she’d like. With a break-up inevitable, Raphaël wakes up one morning in a world where he is no longer her husband. With the help of his best friend Félix, he does everything in his power to win her back.

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