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Speak French easily
when learning French in France!

A few tips to keep on learning after your French lessons at Alliance Française while having fun!


Participate in our activities to keep on learning French after your courses

Participate in Alliance Française’s cultural activities

Our activities are designed to encourage you to speak with our team of teachers, volunteers or other students.


Every week, Iwona invites you to reading, dictation & biblio-games activities. During these moments, you will be in small groups, with other AFLyon students who are as motivated as you are !

Film club

3 times a month, discover how rich French cinema is, with Natalia and Frederic (French teachers) in charge of the film club. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary, learn about French accents 🙂 and of course, to share views after watching the movie…

Speak French with French native speakers

Walking tours in Lyon

Camille, Laurie & Valeriane will take you to the most emblematic places of our beautiful city and will show its secrets ! It’s a great way to speak French and share a great moment around these discoveries : check out next cultural visits!

Find a French Buddy

Register for the BuddySystem created by the Student organization ESN Cosmo Lyon to meet a French student : this is a great experience and a real opportunity to enjoy great tips from French students living in Lyon !

learn french and discover french gastronomy in lyon

Explore the city with a Lyon City Greeter

After your French courses, we recommend you to explore the city with locals. With Lyon City Greeters’ volunteers, you can chose the day, time and  place.s you want to visit : a great experience that you can share with your friends from AFLyon (max. 6 people)!

Go to language exchange events

To meet and speak with French people interested in your culture and language, go to Blabla Language Exchange (several dates, don’t forget to register or KOTOPO (an incredible cross-cultural area) or Lyon’s public librairies (they organise monthly events).

Speak French when shopping at a local market

Shop at a local market

Going to the market is very French! Find a local market close to where you live (among this list of local markets) and shop there regularly. It is a great opportunity to speak French as you can discuss with local merchants about their products, get recipies or tips and even get to know your neighbors!

Become an active member of a non profit organisation

Interested in environmental protection, help of the most deprived people or organizing cultural events ?  Find an organisation which activity is in line with your interests or values, and participate voluntarily in its activity. Meeting French people is easy when you share the same interests and support the same cause !

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