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Tips & tricks from our French teachers

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after your French courses

how to learn French with French series

Watch movies with French subtitles on

Addicted to movies or series ? If you’re a beginner, you can binge-watch in your language but with French sub ! For advanced levels, step forward by watching your favourite movies in French with French subtitles.

Enjoy our film club, with 3 movie nights per month to discover French movies and read our article on French series to get inspired.

Listen to French radio programmes

When you wake up in the morning, during your breakfast or on your way to Alliance Française : every moment is great to listen to the radio, live or podcast ! On a daily basis, listen to radio programs such as “Le journal en français facile” from RFI or download podcasts from France Culture & France Inter. You will gradually develop your comprehension skills and learn new French words as well as typical French expressions.

Read French newspapers Speak French with French people

Interact with students and teachers

Learn a language… sharing it ! Take every opportunity to speak French everyday and check out French speaking websites such as TV5Monde to discover the variety of French speaking countries.

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