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PITCH: “In charged of studies in a polling organization, Arthur  is a genious in statistics  and tries to color his monotonous everyday life with it. One day, he mixes up by mistake some results but nobody notices. Worse, his conclusions appear to be true. Aware of his power, Arthur will begin to play.”
DIRECTORS: Alexandre Pierrin & Olivier Marquézy
YEAR: 2018
GENRE: comedy
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Les Engagés

PITCH: “Noting can plan the rupture point. Young Hicham Alaoui, 22 years old, decides suddenly to go away from his retarded teenager room to seek his sexual identity. Leaving his family that doesn’t notice anything. He arrives in Lyon to meet the only homosexual he knows: Thibaut Giaccherini, 28 years old and LGBT rights’ activist.
DIRECTORS: Jules Thénier & Maxime Potherat
YEAR: 2017
GENRE: drama
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PITCH: “In Paris for 5 years, Loulou lives fully her life with her 3 best friends. She is 29, she is funny and spontaneous, she walks throught life unconsciously. She has not planed to get pregnant. This TV show talks about her – assumed – pregnancy, the matters caused in her life and her group of friends.”
YEAR: 2017
GENRE: comedy
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Dix pour cent

PITCH:The artistical agency ASK has a great actors’ portefolio and manages their career. The sudden death of its president-fundator changes relationships and conflicts between the 4 main partners. In every episode, actors play their real part, in funny or realistic situations of the profesion. ”
DIRECTOR: Fanny Herrero
YEAR: 2015
GENRE: comedy
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Le bureau des légendes

PITCH: “In the French General Direction of External Security, the department called the Bureau des légendes drives the most important agents of French Intelligence: the clandestines. Their mission is to recrute information sources. Working in secret with their “légende“, they live with double identity during long years.”
DIRECTOR: Éric Rochant
YEAR: 2015
GENRE: drama, thriller
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