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After your French lessons, keep on learning French with music ! The AFLyon helps you discover French artists. Listen and translate while dancing 🙂

  1. La Femme – Sphynx
    French rock group that mixes cold wave, synth pop and surf music, La Femme woke up the French rock scene during the 2010’s. In 2016, the release of their last album reveals a mysterious, psychedelic and lively creation. Wait for it!
  2. Lomepal – 70
    Coming from the 13th district of Paris, this rapper received a double platinium price in 2017 and next in 2018, for his two first solo albums. Rapped and sung at the same time, watch out because his lyrics will go round and round in your head.
  3. Flavien Berger – La Fête Noire
    Hybrid singer, he mixes rock, psychedelism, synth pop and disco to transform 1980’s references into actual esthetics. With acid and surrealist lyrics, he will transport you to parrallel multiverses.
  4. Voilaaa – On te l’avait dit (feat Pat Kalla)
    Who has guessed that this band comes from Lyon? Mixing influences afro-disco, zouk, funk, soul or even reggae, the band and the singer Pat Kalla, let your ears on fire and hypnotise your legs with wild rhythmics on “On te l’avait dit” track.
  5. Corine – Il fait chaud
    Full of 1980’s real references, Corine traduces influences from pop music with 40 years of difference. Smooth and colourful, the lyrics call out for summer and dancing parties with tonic dances.

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