Student status

What is the Student Status?

If you are under 28 years old and are registered for at least 60 hours/month for more than 3 months at AFLyon, you will get the student status which gives you the right to:

  • Work part-time,
  • Join the Student National Health Scheme (Sécurité Sociale étudiante) for free if you apply for it online (see the procedure below),
  • Enjoy the same benefits as university students.

In France, the National Heath Scheme (named Sécurité Sociale) reimburses your medical expenses if you are ill, injured or hospitalized.

Students from a EU country who are under 28 years old (who have the European Health Care Card) or students from Canada (Québec ; who provide form SE 401 Q106) are not concerned by this new measure.

Important: international students who stay less than 90 days cannot apply for the Student National Health Scheme. If you are in this situation, we recommend you to purchase an international health insurance in your country which will cover your stay in France.

How to apply for the Sécurité Sociale étudiante?

  • As soon as you get your school registration certificate and before your arrival in France, register on the Student National Heal Scheme for foreign students website (opening on September 1st 2018).
  • To complete your registration, you will have to upload several official documents such as: passport, birth certificate stating filial relationship (cf. consulate), residence permit, school registration certificate, IBAN (bank account).
  • The is no point in purchasing private insurance in your home country.

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