Delf B2 preparation course - 1 month


Level B1 successfully completed


You will have to show your ability to argue an opinion, develop your point of view and negotiate in order to get the DELF B2.

This preparation course will help you to pass the following exam tests:

  • Group test (2h30) which includes listening (30 min), reading (1h) and writing papers (1h).
  • Individual test: you will have 30 min to prepare a 20 min oral presentation paper, which you will then present and discuss with your examiners.

Practice exams will also be part of the training.

Course materials

  • Exam training documents
  • Exercises created by our teaching team

Number of students per class

Minimum: 8 students
Maximum: 18 students


  • Initial placement test
  • Individual teaching support


  • Attendance as well as extra study outside class are crucial to pass the exam
  • In May 2019, the first class is scheduled on Tuesday 7 May .

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