DALF C1 Preparation (2022) - 1 month


Level B2 acquired & C1 in process of acquisition


The exam for the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française C1 (DALF C1) tests your autonomy in the use of the language. You should be able to communicate easily and spontaneously.

The DALF C1 preparation course aims to ensure success in the exam. It will train you for

the group tests (4 hours) which include oral comprehension (0.40 hours), written comprehension (0.50 hours) and written production (2.30 hours),
the individual test, which is divided into two parts: preparation (1 hour) of a presentation based on written documents, followed by an exchange with the jury (0.30 hours).

Standard tests will also be offered.

Course materials

  • Examination training documents,
  • Educational activities designed by the AFLyon teaching team

Number of students per class

Minimum: 8 students
Maximum: 18 students


  • An initial level test
  • A personalised follow-up


  • We recommend that you register at least 15 days before the start of the course.
  • To succeed in your course, attendance and personal work are essential and compulsory.

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