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Do you want to learn French faster? Check out our tips to keep on learning after your French lessons and improve your level while having fun! Of course, don’t forget to do your homework 🙂

Tips to speak French after your French courses

1. Participate in the library’s activities

Every week, Iwona invites you to reading, dictation and biblio-games activities. During these moments, you will be in small groups, with other AFLyon students who are as motivated as you are ! Register here

2. Discover French movies with the film club

3 times a month, discover how rich French cinema is, with Natalia and Frederic, AFLyon French teachers in charge of the film club. This is a great way to improve your vocabulary, understanding of French accents 🙂 and of course, to share views after watching the film… Next movie night


Speak French during our walking tours

3. Register to our walking tours

Camille and Julie will take you to the most emblematic places of our beautiful city and will show its secrets ! A great way to speak French, learn French and share a great moment around these discoveries. Next walking tour

4. Find a French buddy

Register on the Buddy system created by the student association ESN Cosmo Lyon and meet your buddy ! This is a real opportunity to speak French and enjoy great tips from French students living in Lyon !
Register here

Book a Lyon City Greeter to speak French with a French native speaker

5. Explore the city with a Lyon City Greeter

After your French courses, we recommend you to explore the city with locals. With Lyon City Greeters’ volunteers, you can chose the day, time and place you want to visit : a great experience that you can share with other AFLyon students (max. 6 people)! Register here